Car Stacker Servicing in NSW

Mechanical equipment can break down at any given time. At VPS, our goal is to ensure your car stacker is well looked after post installation. We have extensive experience servicing a wide range of stackers from a number of local and international manufacturers including Wohr, Ideal Park, Omer and Klaus. Whether you’re thinking about installing a new car stacker or have an existing stacker in place, it’s important to get it serviced on a regular basis.  Depending on your personal requirements, this could be once a year, twice a year or on a quarterly basis, prevention of breakdown is key.


Our expert team will assess your system and advise you on the best service package available for your specific equipment needs. All our scheduled services are fully documented and carried out according to manufacturing guidelines. No matter how big or small the project, we can help you with customised service plans to keep your car stacker in excellent condition all year round. With a combined 29 years industry experience, we are passionate about delivering car stacker systems that save you time, money and valuable space.


Car Stacker Repairs

When things go wrong, it’s important to have a reliable company you can turn to for those unexpected car stacker problems. As with all things mechanical, everyday wear and tear can often lead to malfunction and servicing issues.


At VPS, we have a dedicated team of operators and industry vehicles ready to attend your premises for both general and emergency repairs.  You can rely on VPS to get there in a fast, timely and efficient manner - giving you the peace of mind to get on with your day.


Our goal is to provide you with versatile parking solutions that enhance your everyday home and work lifestyle. With the use of new and existing technologies, our professional team is more than equipped to deliver quality products that meet your everyday vehicle parking specifications.


For general car stacker servicing and car stacker repairs in NSW, give Vehicle Parking Systems a call today on (02) 9997-3016 or email us with your enquiry at and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.