Vehicle Parking Systems is a specialised company that is ultimately focused and highly skilled in the delivery of exact and stringent quality and products to our clients.


All our staff and partners are all highly skilled and qualified with years of experienced in their specialised fields.  We do not compromise when it comes to our delivering of services to our clients.


We DO NOT use just any product, we determine with the client the best use of the space available and what product suits them for their specific needs.


For a discussion on our vehicle parking systems capabilities please contact as through our web page or phone.


Specification and Sourcing

With a wide range of products available from a number of manufacturers we are well placed to specify the best machine for your use based on your specific needs and space, all too often a piece of equipment is specified because it suits the supplier, this won’t happen at Vehicle Parking Systems – the client will be specified the machine that best suits them!


Project Management

With over 25 years’ experience in the delivering of small to large projects in the construction industry on a commercial and residential level the team at VPS can guarantee that your project will be managed with a degree of professionalism not seen before in the installation of vehicle parking systems, we believe that an open and transparent process in the delivery of a project delivers the best results for all concerned.



With an eye for detail and the ability to adapt to change the team at VPS is at the forefront of installation.


With an emphasis on safety and time management the process of installation has become a specialised component of VPS, with all jobs small and large given the same degree of commitment and focus.



Like all mechanical equipment a vehicle parking system needs regular servicing.


At VPS we have a dedicated service team who leads the way with a number of service programs available, be it a once yearly, twice yearly or quarterly service plan based on you and your equipment requirements.


All services are documented and carried out to the specifications of the respective manufacturers guide lines.


Should you like to discuss a service plan, be it a one off service or a structured service plan please contact our office for a discussion.


Breakdown Repairs

As with all things mechanical there comes a time that the equipment may shut down.


At VPS we understand the importance of the installed equipment to the client and their need to have an operational machine at all times, for this reason VPS have a team of 4 vehicles able to accommodate the needs of clients in the case of an un-foreseen shut down.


With this ability the team at VPS are well placed to meet the needs of the client in a timely fashion to minimise the interruption to the client’s requirements.